Friday, July 24, 2009

Shoulder Deep

Today we filmed several scenes at the lake: the accident, the wish, and the writer's daydream. Angela (a professional lifeguard) and Ian (a trained diver) and John (who knows Kung Fu) were sent into the lake to spend much of the day holding boats, guiding boats, retrieving typewriters.

Whoever scouts these locations deserves an ice-cream cone.


  1. Though I'm on set, I love reading this thing and going through the pictures.

    I love that it looks like me and Nick are just acting like weirdos in one picture. We were, in fact, being master jugglers.


  2. Zach,
    What's really cool about that shot, if you click on it to see it at full size, is that you can't tell whether you or Nick has the walnuts in the air.

    Nice job today...and every day!